The exhibition is open!

It is an absolutely exciting occasion to launch this virtual exhibition with my fellow artist teachers from all over the Philippines. This show celebrates these teachers passion for the arts and for their students, their dedication towards the betterment of Filipinos and their amazing creativity and talent.

“Pagpapahalaga: Pagasa Mula sa mga Guro ng Sining” [Valuing & Cherishing: Hope from our Teachers of the Arts] is an annual exhibition which showcases works from art educators of all disciplines and backgrounds with the aim to empower and inspire towards re-valuing the teachers in our midst while planting the seeds of positive change in the Philippines’ education system. In its first year, this exhibit is participated by art educators from seven regions from all over the country.


Each work holds special meaning for the artists and full descriptions may be viewed after clicking a work in the virtual gallery. Get to the know the artists as well through their introductions in the courtyard. Please do leave a message in the chat box and feel free to engage the artists in conversation at the event.

Visit the interactive exhibition here:

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